July 9 - Porter House Steak House in Moses Lake, WA

We have a full line up of amazing ministers from the local area as well as from afar. Plan on attending.

Cost: FREE

An offering will be taken up, but do not let that stop you from coming.

All are welcome.



Just to name a few of the most amazing ministers that will be there to speak are Rev. Brian and Terra Clare and Rev. Bo and Danielle Boyd. Locals from the Elk and Spokane, WA area. Both of these amazing families are shaking up the PNW with the Word of God. If you come, you will be truly blessed.

Worship With Us!!!

Come worship with us. We will be doing a mix of traditional and current. I look forward to worshiping with you.

Live Worship Music with Pastor Justin Morris. I have a small band that travels with me in the form of a floor pedal. The BOSS RC-300. It provides the Bass and Drums. I use it when I go to nursing and assistant living homes.

Now Available

Order yours today at morris.pec@gmail.com


How Do I Heal

In January 2022, I started working in a local funeral home and one thing I noticed are the many ways people die and the way it affects each person. I decided to write this book to help people heal during this tough time. To the families, I would give this book to them as a gift. It seem to really help them coop with the loss of their loved one. Maybe it had something to do with me caring enough to give them this book.
This 30 page book is easy to read and will bring you comfort in your time of need.
Pastor Justin Morris

Joshua, Judges, and Kings

Back in November of 2020, I started to read the book of Judges to see what they were all about. I realized I needed to start off with the book of Joshua in order to get a full understanding of why the Judges were needed. I ended up needing to take notes and decided to put those notes in a book. I really had a lot of fun learning about the people and who they were.
This book is over 130 pages of easy to read information about Joshua and each Judge as well as the three Kings that came after the Judges. There is really no way you can misunderstand who they were. This would be an excellent read for your teenager as well as young Christians. For only $11.99 on Amazon or $11.00 through our website, you will be able to help teach the Word of God without a lot of big confusing words.
Pastor Justin Morris

The Study of Matthew: Workbook

For the past two years, I have been working on creating a study that is fun to do and allows the person studying it, to dig deep in their studies. I started with the Book of Matthew because frankly, it was the first book of the New Testament. I am already working on the Book of Mark. If time allows, I plan on doing one for each book of the Bible. The reason why it took so long is I would get involved in other projects and I knew I could always come back to it.
This 62 page workbook style study will allow you to study at home on your own time or study with a group. The cost for this extensive study is only $15.00. If you decide to study with a group and order 5 or more, email us at morris.pec@gmail.com and we will get them to you at just $12.00 each with Free Shipping.
BEWARE, this is not for the new Christian. This is for the seasoned Christian that has study habits. You will need to look things up on the internet and do Google searches in order to answer some of these question. This study will challenge you.
Enjoy {:-)
Pastor Justin Morris

History of the Pentecostal Evangelical Church

If you really want to know who we are before joining our church as a licensed minister, order a copy of the History of P.E.C. and this will explain who we are and how we came to be.



The History of the Pentecostal Evangelical Church goes back to the year 1936. With the help of Rev. Amy Hutsell, Rev. Linda Lange and all the General Bishops that held onto each Gospel Tidings, we were able to compile the history with very few gaps in time.
What would have taken me two or three years to compile, Rev. Linda Lange did in two months. This 188 page paperback book is an amazing history of the P.E.C. and it gives you a since that you were right there to witness the unfolding of a ministry that has lasted 85 years and counting. After reading it myself, in some years I wondered how P.E.C. made it this far. Only God kept it together because we never waivered in our faith or compromised the Word of God and now here we are, stronger than ever. While other main stream churches are allowing unbiblical things into their organizations to keep the money flowing, we have stayed the course. Thank you Rev. Linda Lange for doing such a great job {:-)

"To order your copy today, click on the link to the left."

Since 1938, the Gospel Tidings has tide our church together with articles and updates about what was happening in P.E.C. Today, we continue that tradition with a major improvement. We are opening it up to our members to send in articles about what is happening in their ministry on a monthly basis. Our new Gospel Tidings publication will consist of 27+ pages where as the one before was only 10. The Gospel Tidings is a lot like "Our Daily Bread". Full of hope and exciting articles of how God is moving in our world. The new one will have a glossy format and be available on Amazon for purchase. It can also be emailed for free if anyone would like it in that format. The future is bright for P.E.C. and P.E.C. is growing day by day. Contact us if you have a desire to become a true licensed minister.