General Bishop
of PEC
Pastor Justin Morris


General Secretary
Editor of the Gospel Tidings
Rev. Linda Lange

Since 1938, the Gospel Tidings has tide our church together with articles and updates about what was happening in PEC. Today, we continue that tradition with a major improvement. We are opening it up to our members to send in articles about what is happening in their ministry on a monthly basis. Our new Gospel Tidings publication will consist of 27+ pages where as the one before was only 10. The Gospel Tidings is a lot like "Our Daily Bread". Full of hope and exciting articles of how God is moving in our world. The new one will have a glossy format and be available on Amazon for purchase. It can also be emailed for free if anyone would like it in that format. The future is bright for PEC and PEC is growing day by day. Contact us if you have a desire to become a true licensed minister.