History Of The Pentecostal Evangelical Church

The Pentecostal Evangelical Church (P.E.C.) was founded after a series of prayer meetings, on November 11, 1936, at Fort Smith AR. On December 2, 1936 the first Ordination Certificates were issued to include Rev G.F.C Fons of Fort Smith the General Bishop of the PEC. The PEC grew in the next two-year period and the first General Conference was held in 1938 at Fort Worth, TX. The Gospel Tidings was the Official Publication as far back as October 1938, to present date. In May 1939, the PEC received its first foreign member minister, Rev Enoch Nelson of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Bishop Fons in August 1943 devoted full time to the Administrative Work of the PEC.

During World War II days the fellowship continued to grow, and in May of 1945, the Young People of PEC had their first Camp meeting in St. Joseph, MO. Things progressed nicely, and in March of 1947 Miss Goldie Bergsten of Red Oak, Iowa became the first PEC Missionary and set sail for China and later went to the Philippines.

In 1989 the PEC Missions supported servants in the Philip-pines, India, Kenya, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Guatemala and traveling Missionary, Evangelists into Central America and Europe.

Rev. Dr. George Seely Jr, having served as the General Secretary/Treasurer for some time, was elected as the new General Bishop on September 16, 1954, and took office January 1, 1955. The National Office was moved to Spokane, WA and the fellowship continued to grow as Dr. Seely labored full time for the PEC. After a very serious accident Bishop Seely resigned the Office of General Bishop; and on October 9, 1964, Rev. Ernest Beroth was elected as the General Bishop, taking office on January 1, 1965.

On September 1, 1976, Rev. James Hill Sr., was elected as the General Bishop, taking office on January 1, 1977, devoting full time to the PEC. Bishop Hill was in office until November 30, 1998. The National / International Office in January 1977 was moved to Bremerton, WA.

In 1989, Bishop Hill opened up Shiloh Bible Institute at Bremerton, WA and is now in most states and throughout the world.

On November 30, 1998, Rev. Hutsell was elected as General Bishop after Bishop Hill resigned because of health issues. The National / International Office was moved back to Spokane, WA and stayed there until Bishop Hutsell resigned in 2012 and Rev. G. Grant Renfro was elected Bishop and took office on November 30, 2012.

The National / International Office was at that time moved to Albany, OR until Bishop Renfro resigned due to health issues in September 2017. Rev. Jeffrey Mayr was elected Bishop and took office on November 1, 2017, and asked to resign by January 2018.

Vice Present Rev. Justin Morris was appointed as General Bishop on January 26, 2018, and moved the National / International Office and Shiloh Bible Institute to Moses Lake, WA. On the 27th of January. Where he and his wife Anna will devote every moment to growing the ministry.

On January 8. 2023, Rev. Dr. Edna Overstreet was unanimously appointed by the PEC Board of Directors to the position of General Bishop, becoming the first female General Bishop in the history of the PEC.  The National/International Office of the PEC was relocated to Cleveland, Tennessee.  Rev. Martin Overstreet was appointed to the position of General Secretary/Treasurer.  Rev. Justin Bishop has accepted the position of Dean of Instruction for the Shiloh Bible Institute, which will remain in Moses Lake, Washington.  Dr. Edna and Rev. Martin are dedicated to growing this ministry globally for the Glory of God.

Continuing to grow the ministry through prayer and hard work.
Colossians 3:23
“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men”