Shiloh Bible Institute

            Welcome to Shiloh Bible Institute (SBI). In 1989, Bishop James Hill started SBI to make sure everyone that came into PEC would have a foundation of the Bible.  Here at the National Office, we take education very seriously. These books may seem simple but they are an amazing way to gain more knowledge about God’s word. The first 25 books will give you a good foundation of God’s word or it will be a good reminder. The Advanced studies will challenge you a little.

            These are a great tool to use in Sunday school classes, home groups or just to study on your own.

            On the second page of the introductory course, you will notice a list of courses. You only have to complete the first 25 including this course and have 2 years as a licensed minister in order to be Ordained. Once you have completed these, you will receive a Certificate of Completion through SBI.

            Each course cost $4.00. This includes the shipping to you. The reason why they are so inexpensive is we believe that it’s not about money, it’s about the ministry. If you buy the first 25 at once, we can have them shipped directly to you from the company and you only pay $65.00 + $10.00 shipping. Check out the fillable version as well. No shipping.

            Thank you for your interest in our program. Just a note, if you already have bible college done, disregard. Send us your diploma and you will be exempt, but you may enjoy the courses anyway. Anna and I sit in the evening and study the bible together with these. That is our quiet time with God.

God Bless,

Reverend Justin Morris, Shiloh Bible Institute Superintendent



SBI wants to give you the opportunity to sample the introduction to our study materials without it costing you anything.

Simply contact Reverend Justin Morris, SBI Superintendent and request your complementary study course.


Basic Studies course consist of 25 courses, beginning with the Introductory study (which is free). There after each subsequent course cost is $4.00 plus $3.00 shipping & handling, unless you order the complete 25 Basic Studies course, then they are $65.00 plus only $10.00 shipping & handling, for the whole set. This is a much better deal.


Advanced Studies consist of 60 additional studies that take you deeper into God's Word. Designed to further educate and equipped you, the Greater than Gold Advanced series is an amazing study to guide you in your walk with God. These are a great resource to do by yourself, with your spouse or even in a group setting. There are no other studies out there that can even come close to the way they teach you and prepare you for your walk with the Lord. Each study is $4.00 + $3.00 shipping.  If you order all 60 courses at once, they are only $200.00 + $10.00 shipping. That is $3.50 a book with shipping.


If you would like to do the courses with the fillable-form versions we can email them to you so you will be able fill in your answers on your computer. Once you have completed the course you then email it back for grading.

The cost is only $65.00 with no shipping.

If you decide to do the email version and have problems, just give SBI a call and we can walk you through the process.  The courses are available for purchase as a whole set, for $65.00.

Advanced studies - The cost for those are $200.00 with no shipping.  When you purchase the whole set, we send them to you all at once.  When you finish one course email it to SBI and we will grade and email it directly back to you.

*All materials are subject to copywrite laws. Do not send them out to your friends or make copies to sell or you may be subject to prosecution from the copywrite holder.