2018 General Conference

We had a total of 18 PEC members and 2 visitors, Brian and Terra Clare. Brian is the Grandson of former Bishop Richard Hutsell (1998-2012) and the Great Grandson of Bishop Seely. Bishop Seely was the second Bishop of PEC and also one of the founders of PEC. Brian and Terra has made the decision to carry on the family tradition and join PEC. We are very excited to have the history continue with this family. Bishop Seely would be proud to know his Great Grandson is a PEC minister now.


          Founding Fathers    Bishop George Seely      Bishop Richard Hutsell      Terra and Brian Clare

            Bishop Seely is on the far left.

We had a wonderful time of fellowship with everyone.

The Praying Plumber

Rev. Larry and Rev. Pam Prentice

Rev. Richard Hutsell - Bishop 1998-2012

Rev. Doug Pfitzer

Dr. Glen Jones

Rev. Kimberly Pfitzer

Rev. Daniel Kegel

Jesus Walked On The Water, But Peter Accepted The Invitation