Bishop’s Family

Rev. Justin Morris / General Bishop

Bishop Justin Morris was appointed to General Bishop on the 26th of January 2018. He has been with the PEC's since 1992 when he was referred by Pastor Alex Pfitzer from Riverside A of G in 1992. In April of 1997 Bishop Morris was Ordained and since then been a Youth Pastor and Asst Pastor in a few churches as well as played on many worship teams as the Drummer, Bass Player or Guitar player. He is currently serving as the National Guard Recruiter in Moses Lake, WA and will retire in June of 2020 with full military benefits. He is also going to college at POST University as a Business Management Major. He will have his degree by the time he retires. His goal is to be able to devote full time as the General Bishop of PEC once retired from the military but he is getting his degree to be a better manager of God's ministry.

Rev. Anna Morris / National Treasurer

Rev. Anna Morris was appointed to the National Treasurer when her husband Rev Justin Morris was appointed General Bishop in January of 2018. She is a licensed minister through the PEC and runs the office with absolute perfection. She makes sure everything is updated at the time it happens with no delay. She is a stay at home wife, but that isn't accurate at all. She spends her time during the day doing mostly PEC business which means running around town getting banking done as well as going to the Post Office. This is to ensure everyone in PEC is taken care of. She does this without receiving anything in return. Her time is totally devoted to PEC without compensation. Neither, Bishop Morris or Rev Anna Morris receive a pay check from the National Office to do what they do. They have the same belief the previous Bishop and National Treasurer had. This is a ministry of volunteer. If we take away from it, then there is less that can go out to the members.    


Justin & Anna