Joshua, Judges, and the Kings

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In November of 2020, Rev. Justin Morris started to read the book of Judges. Rev. Justin soon realized he needed to start off with the book of Joshua in order to get a full understanding of why the Judges were needed at that time in Israel's history. Rev. Justin began to take notes and shortly decided to put those notes in a book. You will really have a lot of fun while you are learning about the people found in these Bible books and who they were.

This book is over 130 pages of easy to read information about Joshua, each of the Judges, as well as the three Kings that came after the era of the Judges. After reading Joshua, Judges, and the Kings there will really be no way you can misunderstand who they were. This is an excellent resource for a teenager, as well as young Christians.

The Study of Matthew

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History of the P.E.C.

For the past 85 years, PEC has licensed and ordained thousands of ministers to go out and do true ministry throughout the world. This book will take you on a historical journey showing you how five ministers with a dream and a vision came to form the PEC and how today the church is ever more thriving throughout the world.

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The One Hundred

"The One Hundred" is a book I wrote to encourage you to dig deeper into each Bible Character. It is filled with facts you may not have known and it gives you a brief description of each character.

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The Gospel Tidings Weekly Devotions

The Gospel Tidings Weekly Devotions

Have you ever tried to do a daily devotion and get behind a few days or even a few weeks? Why not try something new? The Gospel Tidings Weekly devotions is an easy to read and understand devotional that easy to fit into the busy lives we lead. This book is bound with a spiral bound, so it lays flat, making it ideal for study and comes with a picture for each devotion to help your understanding of the devotional topic.