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Joshua, Judges, and the Kings

Back in November of 2020, I started to read the book of Judges to see what they were all about. I realized I needed to start off with the book of Joshua in order to get a full understanding of why the Judges were needed. I ended up needing to take notes and decided to put those notes in a book. I really had a lot of fun learning about the people and who they were.
This book is over 130 pages of easy to read information about Joshua and each Judge as well as the three Kings that came after the Judges. There is really no way you can misunderstand who they were. This would be an excellent read for your teenager as well as young Christians.
Pastor Justin Morris

December 2021 Gospel Tidings

This issue, we focused on Christmas and the blessings the Lord has poured out this past year. This issue also touched on the 85th year anniversary of the P.E.C. Rev. Martin Overstreet, our General Secretary and the editor of the Gospel Tidings, inserted what things costs back in 1936. We had a few more of our ministers send in articles then before. There is big news in Burundi-Africa. An amazing article about Resting in the Lord. Another article about Moving Forward. We also touched on missing opportunities to witnessing. There is also an article about the encounter that Jesus had with the rich young ruler. This is the largest issue yet. It is full of wonderful stories and inspiration that we need right now.
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September 2021 Gospel Tidings

This issue, we focused on Rev. Amt Hutsell. Amy served in P.E.C. for over 70 years. Her father, the Rev. George Seely was one of the founding fathers of P.E.C. and he served as the 2nd General Bishop as well as many other areas. Amy was licensed as P.E.C. minister when she was 16 years old and married her husband, the Rev. Richard Hutsell, not long after. He became the 5th General Bishop in 1998 and served until 2012.
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History of the P.E.C.

For the past 85 years, P.E.C. has licensed and ordained thousands of ministers to go out and do true ministry without civil restraint. This book will take you on a journey that will show you how five ministers with a dream and a vision, came to form the P.E.C. and how today, the church is ever more thriving throughout the world.
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June 2021 Gospel Tidings

For just $6.08 from Amazon, you can receive this 34 page inspiring book that celebrates the 85th anniversary of the Pentecostal Evangelical Church. Starting with this one, the Gospel Tidings will be published quarterly in this very professionally looking book that will give you updates of all the new ministers and churches that have joined PEC in the last three months. You will also read of the testimonies of miracles that God is doing in our ministers lives.

The One Hundred

"The One Hundred" is a book I wrote to encourage you to dig deeper into each Bible Character. It is filled with facts you may not have known and it gives you a brief description of each character.
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Weekly Devotion

For a $15.00 donation, you can have this 52 week devotion. Have you ever tried to do a daily devotion and get behind a few days or even a few weeks? This devotion is easy to read and easy to understand. As you can see, this book is bound with a spiral backing so it lays flat easily for studying. It also has a picture to each devotion so you have an idea of what the devotion is talking about.